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She shot various covers for Sports Illustrated. For a long time running, she was one of the few female sports photographers. She is considered a pioneer in sports photography. Between the clip clopping drumstick percussion, the snarling guitars and the endearingly wobbly three part vocals, the track captures that stomach in your throat thrill that comes from blazing down hills… Read more →

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Make plans with friends. Be busy and interesting, she will come to you. Respond to her of course, maybe complement her on something you noticed she did well or is good at.. A bit thin. Like, a clever concept without the meat of follow through. Like, this could’ve been a neat inside joke shared by rabid fans, but it feels… Read more →

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Think not? If Gesicki is so talented, why has he caught 1 ball in preseason? When it gets real, watch what teams do to our defense. Watch how they easily stop our drives on offense. We will continue to give up big plays on defense and fail on third down on offense. Aerobic exercises help to release fat. The less… Read more →

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Mevlut joins his father, selling yogurt during the day and a traditional fermented Turkish drink called boza at night. Boza has a slight alcoholic content, but that’s not the main reason people love it. “It’s nostalgic, it’s a sort of romantic evocation of good old Ottoman times,” Pamuk says. This show is pretty messed up. I remember once I walked… Read more →

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I’ve been interested in a peloton for about 6 months, and decided to download the iPad app about a month ago. I’ve logged about 25 rides since then, but most have been on a recumbent bike. I loved the classes and the app, but missed the integration of having the same equipment and metrics. 1. Sixers The sixers traded up… Read more →

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Hardest part was just how fast it happened. People shifted faster than anyone including us projected. We had invested heavily in desktop so we had to make a hard pivot. I have heard a lot of discussions about how to improve the game to get more American interested. It mainly revolves around the lack of scoring. Soccer scores are usually… Read more →

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The way they planning on changing the street makes it harder to become a slogfest, and while I not fond of the slog I really not fond of the accident rate. When I looked up the stats on Foster I was shocked at how many accidents it got over the past ten years or so. It a mess and something… Read more →

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It turns out that the guns at the Trump hotel are legally owned by Bryan Moles, a licensed physician and a former Navy corpsman. Moles had been released from custody pending court proceedings so that he could travel to Atlanta to be evaluated at a veterans facility. He was jailed this week, however, on charges that he violated the terms… Read more →

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BIEWENER: Well, they are. I think the reason you see so many of them in New York City, in any urban landscape is they’re well adapted. They’re cliff dwelling, and they’re known as rock doves. Well, sometimes pretense is everything. It’s the reason for the first lady to go to Texas at all: to symbolize care and concern and camaraderie.… Read more →

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It wasn quite so simple on Friday night, when Canada won a pulsating and highly controversial semi final vs. USA, 6 5 in overtime. The big bone of contention was a game tying goal that was scored by Canadian forward Dylan Cozens a couple tenths of a second after time had expired. Telling the truth is good manners and great… Read more →