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In Valeria Alia’s 2004 book, Media Ethics and Social Change, Thomas Cooper is mentioned as focusing on three international ethical concerns truth, responsibility and free expression. This is the heart of the social media challenge to promote freedom within an ethical context of responsibility. More information is good, only if it drives more truthful storytelling.. Of these, companies like Longfin… Read more →

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But as with all get rich quick schemes the South Sea bubble, the gold rush, or mining the world’s 300 million active Instagram users for likes there is scope for unscrupulous behaviour. Despite the vast sums of money involved, from a consumer perspective at least, social media remains almost completely unregulated. And nowhere is this more apparent than in nutrition… Read more →

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Wheeler entered elected office as Multnomah County Chair in 2006, and served in that post until 2010, when he was appointed state treasurer by then Gov. Ted Kulongoski. He was elected that same year and re elected to his current and final term as treasurer in 2012. It was a very relaxing session, clearing the mind and understanding how the… Read more →

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Spirituality declares that we have a spirit that may also be called a soul. It is connected to, but separate from our physical bodies. Some people believe that they can actually see, touch, hear and feel these spirits. Many players with far superior careers didn’t get in on their first chance. Yogi Berra didn’t make it until his second ballot,… Read more →

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This muchness adds to the exhilarating energy of their music, but it can also be somewhat unsatisfying. After listening to one of their recordings, you’re left with a vague sense of something pretty cascades of piano notes, circuitous vocal melodies, crashing percussion, some airy harmonies but few distinct memories of songs that stick out.Newfeld’s ability to create densely layered music… Read more →