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Aliph was founded in 1999 by Alex Asseily and Hosain Rahman, two young engineering entrepreneurs who met as Stanford undergrads. The pair shared a belief that voice would be the dominant interface for mobile devices and that creating a noise free environment was critical to delivering an improved mobile communications experience. Aliph is committed to ensuring that mobile users have… Read more →

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At least thats how I see it, since I been applying to many internships in Paris but no replies back (3rd yr. Marketing major). It seems like a great program, but slim chances a company will pick someone with little experience (I plan of self teaching myself web development before I graduate, hopefully this will make me stand out more… Read more →

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My earliest days as a player to this very day I been a Harvey Penick disciple. Mr. Penick words were simple to understand, and through his teachings I was able to find my own teaching style. A golf club with a hinge near the head or the grip is another trainer that can help in improving your swing. This club… Read more →

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The film brings alive the need for pre activism in a hard hitting, pertinent manner. The female protagonist drives this conversation with a compelling storyline which showcases the current reactive nature of people. It shows how people tend to rally for an issue once it has happened. When Nike decided to establish a new manufacturing source in Korea, the book… Read more →

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Many college students carry their laptops to class. That is probably not the best of solutions for note taking but it is understandable. Who has the time to re write notes from a notebook to a computer? Often students will share notes with each other so having them in digital form is a must. The latter method assumes that a… Read more →

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CLAUDIA: I actually started a I left the corporate world 12 years ago and started a pet sitting business, which, of course, incorporates dog walking. And I’m getting older. I’m baby boomer age and not exactly as I used to be. The kidnap was arranged and, after only a matter of days, Bieber was abducted during the night while he… Read more →