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“I don’t know where his politics are,” said Ellen Miller, co founder and executive director of the Sunlight Foundation. “You have to guess. I’m not sure he’s political in the sense that we think of that term in Washington. How many times out of 100 is there a bad snap or bad hold, lets add 1 for that. And how… Read more →

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Selain BPA, terdapat juga zat zat kimia lain yang biasa ditemukan pada berbagai wadah plastik di produk lain. Wadah plastik yang dibuat dari polietilen tereftalat (PET atau PETE, atau plastik tipe 1) seperti yang biasanya terdapat pada botol minuman air mineral yang akan berefek karsinogenikbila digunaan lebih dari sekali. Juga ada beberapa wadah plastik yang terbuat dari polivinil klorida (PVC,… Read more →

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A large part of daCunha’s job is catching a trend while it’s gaining momentum and predicting for how long it will stay of interest. Sometimes, a topic is yet to reach its proverbial high point, in which case he waits till it moves from ‘Page 4’ to ‘Page 1′ before releasing an ad on it. Conversely, if an issue has… Read more →

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This study indicated the presence of a stream of fast moving ions and super hot electrons passing through the ionosphere where STEVE was observed. While the research team suspected the two were connected, they could not conclusively state that the ions and electrons were responsible for producing it. Building on this, Gallardo Lacourt and her colleagues analyzed the STEVE event… Read more →