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Phones, TVs, and desktops weren’t the only Apple devices that got an operating system boost. The Apple Watch will see a new watchOS 3 that aims to enhance the smartwatch experience for users. Apps will launch faster, and something as simple as replying to a text is more user friendly you don’t have to look to hit the “Reply” button,… Read more →

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That’s what the feds were alleging Tuesday, even in cases where athletes and their families aren’t receiving $100,000. There’s so much money involved, someone’s going to get it. And unless and until players receive some sort of compensation that’s commensurate with their value to the school, there is going to be corruption. To his credit, Common’s first leading man performance… Read more →

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Twenty minutes later I completed six poems. I started creating websites to showcase my work. But I still felt incomplete, unworthy, and sad. There are some key components of magazines printing, including formats, publishing schedules and target audiences. Generally, bulletins focus on contemporary events, such as Newsweek and Entertainment Weekly. They are frequently available at bookstores, libraries and newsstands. Las… Read more →

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“It’s extremely frustrating, and it’s also extremely unfair,” said Diego Uriburu, executive director of Identity Inc., a Gaithersburg nonprofit group that helps Latino youth and their families in high poverty areas. “These young people have natural athletic talent, and they are not getting to work on it. They don’t have the best coaches. No low quality links/blogspam/bad media. Do not… Read more →