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Schools, Churches, Homes and other EstablishmentsAfter talking about fugitives, we now talk about the security of the other major establishments found in our communities. Schools, churches and homes can also install their own security cameras may it be a wireless security camera or not. This is especially helpful if we want to monitor and ensure that our school or our… Read more →

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Gray was taken into custody April 12 after police “made eye contact” with him and another man in an area known for drug activity, police said, and both men started running. Gray was handcuffed and put in a transport van. At some point during his roughly 30 minute ride, the van was stopped and Gray’s legs were shackled when an… Read more →

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But I wasn alone in my battle scores of other runners were suffering as well and the drinks stations were now appearing to be too sparsely spaced. In hindsight I ought to have carried some cash with me for some much needed drinks at the gas stations. I got the wearing of shades right but screwed up the monitory logistics.… Read more →

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Included in his sketches created with nothing but a charcoal pencil and an eraser on a sketch pad were three uniforms. One was an updated version of the pinstripes MSU hadn’t used since the 1960s, based on what the New York Yankees wore. Most notably, Marchetti suggested taking the logo on the hat (the letter M laid on top of… Read more →

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The economic recession has caused a lot of dealerships to close their doors to the outside public. However, in order to still be able to make some money from the extra merchandise that they had on hand, a lot of dealers have joined together and created virtual online car auctions. These virtual auctions have given many dealers the ability to… Read more →

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All that was from a year ago, mind. Since then he had a bit of a weird season with mixed results, even as he ultimately maintained a high level of productivity. He started the season right here in Edmonton, impressing in training camp and earning himself a nine game trial that extended into November.. “I think it parallels how our… Read more →

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Akhir kata, untuk menonton filem seram yang agak menghiburkan (tapi tiada sangat kelainan dalam jalan cerita), pergi lah menonton filem ini. Tapi jangan set kan expectation kome tinggi sangat. Kalau tak, kome akan keluar panggung dengan perasaan hampa, macam teman ini. Allow me to introduce (or re introduce) myself! I’m Loey. I make a lot of content on this great… Read more →

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Balanced and BeamingCatalina Ganis is Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Elliot Executive Source Ltd. And Senior Vice President of Elliot Associates Inc., divisions of The Elliot Group LLC, a nationally recognized executive search firm specializing in the Hospitality, Food Service, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Service Industries. Catalina helps spearhead client development, long range strategic planning and is also… Read more →