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Pharmacies also stock perfumes, dyes and spices, which make great gifts. You should be able to get fresh saffron and vanilla beans for a fraction of the price you would pay in your average grocery store. There are countless stalls, booths and shops shilling them, but there are a few food safety issues to be aware of before you make… Read more →

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Think about the thousands of labor market transactions that happen every day. Multinational employers steadily move work offshore, and lay off thousands of workers. We’ve cut funding for education; student debt is over a trillion dollars. But equally important was the push from outside shareholders. Back when the business world was dominated by family owned firms, the owners’ personal ties… Read more →

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Moving forward from 1649, Nostradamus unambiguously refers to the Great Fire of London, where “three the six” alludes to the year 1666. Moving forward again, we come to the Glorious Revolution of London and here Nostradamus clearly states that someone from Holland (William III) will be elected King of England. What? The English “electing” a non Englishman to be their… Read more →

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It had the allure and symmetry you will only ever see looking down through the clouds at vineyards somewhere in Burgundy. The comb he used was probably handed down in a mystical ceremony, deep in the Black Forest where Europe’s finest headwaiters meet in cloaks exchanging stolen bottles of wine, wheels of cheese and closely guarded neat secrets, that I… Read more →

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Best Buy has had positive comparable sales for all but three of the past 12 quarters. If there were some sort of prize for resilience amid the retail malaise, then Home Depot would surely win it.Together, these results show a path forward for old school retailers if they move quickly andinvest resources wisely. Stores and hiring Marc Lore to snap… Read more →

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But then everything changed. In an instant. I received a phone call and series of messages from the being I’ve been dating Rain Dove. Kun jotain ei tee, ota osaksi rutiineja, niin lopulta siin ky niin, ettei en muista mit siell tehtiin. Se oli virhe. Samalla tavalla kesll muutkin rutiinit jivt kuten keskivartalon hoitaminen, mutta se on niin tuttua puuhaa… Read more →

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If you have to invest in a job, then all incentives for being an employee are now lost, you’re better off trying to strike it out on your own. Say what you want, but the facts and arithmetic speak for themselves, investing in a job is generally a bad deal. This is a risk that needs to be taken on… Read more →

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4) Aerospace medicine, biomedical engineering and related healthcare are becoming important in light of plans to settle and inhabit the Moon and Mars, as well as considering the new era of Space Vacations and tourist astronauts. These technologies also provide the platform for culturing organs for transplant patients without destroying human embryos. In addition, certain combinations of elements for effective… Read more →