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EDIT: Wow, karma! Thanks guys! I answered all the most common questions in the responses below, such as how I keep clean, how I treat the condition, whether I have internal effects, etc. Please read through, and if there anything you like to know that hasn already been answered, please ask. I happy to answer any questions.. We’ve all known… Read more →

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“Too much cushion is not the best thing, either,” says Dr. Blitz, “When you have a lot of cushion, you’re not getting the foot brain feedback” that allows you to sense the ground. Running, walking, jogging (not hiking, dancing, cycling, etc). Any number of places could do. But Greece is the obvious choice, at least for the Summer Olympics. It… Read more →

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But overall, the current winter if you want to call it that has done wonders for home improvement retailers. Reuters reports that sales at Home Depot and Lowe have been extraordinarily good, especially for items that normally don fare well in the winter such as paint and concrete. Sales for both big box retailers for the recent quarter exceeded expectations,… Read more →

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On our most recent visit we were fortunate to see two small alligators and presumably one of their parents, a very large gator. We also spotted two snakes; a rat snake and a black snake that could have been an eastern indigo snake or a black swamp snake. There seemed to be an abundance of turtles present for our visit… Read more →

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The record holders for visiting this realm are Jacques Piccard and Donald Walsh, who in 1960 descended to 35,810 feet at the Mariana Trench in the Pacific. Oceans, and the innards of Earth itself, are the final frontiers of our planet. Expect amazing discoveries as explorers descend more and more often into the great watery unknown.. If they had their… Read more →

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It remains strictly horizontal signifying that the dip is zero. The line joining all such points on earth where the dip is zero is called the magnetic equator. The magnetic equator differs significantly from the geographic equator. Every organization has problems like the BSA does, but the only way it possible to fight or change these problems is from within… Read more →

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He particularly likes a NASA website that posts an astronomy picture each day. He’d heard of other people creating images using scanners, and knew that the high resolution would make objects pop against a dark background. So he started thinking about how to create his own version of space using the contents of his kitchen cabinets.. 1 point submitted 1… Read more →