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Vacant retail was gutted and put yoga studio in. Eventually hair salon moved and we gutted and rerented. This is a pretty “normal” deal for us. Stephen Lynch, William Keating and Joe Kennedy also face primary opponents Tuesday. Rep. Niki Tsongas, is retiring at the end of this term and the open seat has touched off a political scramble with… Read more →

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This looks at the young pilots in a fledgling Air Force during that war. The young men and women of New Zealand and Australia were called to arms; responding without question, to form an Expeditionary Force sailing to a peaceful Egypt for training; prior to deployment. Two young countries destined to provide the highest number of troops per capita than… Read more →

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Impression of him was someone I really looked up to, said Rennie. Was someone that I aspired to be like and that pretty common with most people I talked to who knew him and knew of him. Also the Tema Conter Memorial Trust ambassador for Saskatchewan and director of mental health and wellness for the Association of Saskatchewan Paramedics, said… Read more →

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“But I have to be honest and say we don’t have the intensity and from the dedication comes the quality. We don’t have it the same as last season, even in training. We have it occasionally in games and that’s why we are so up and down. At airports across Europe, they were asked to interview passengers on their history… Read more →

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Alex Morgan is trying to tell us something. Women’s soccer star from Diamond Bar on Monday posted a photo of herself and Houston Dynamo midfielder Servando Carrasco, her longtime boyfriend, on Instagram, with the hashtag InstaBling. An hour later she posted another shot of the couple on Twitter, this time with the caption “Couldn’t be happier. All of this is… Read more →

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Honestly, I have known many nurses, and nursing students as well. I saw their text books, and listened to their study sessions. The requirements are not impressive. 1 point submitted 2 years agoThe first two beetles are red so they must be either Rr or RR. Since they produced a 3:1 ratio of red:brown they must both be heterozygous since… Read more →