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That’s because in the US, as long as there’s no special reason to keep them secret, many trials can be filmed. Cameras are also allowed in the courtrooms of several other countries, we’ve even seen pictures of Aussies being tried overseas. But, in Australia, you’re only allowed to film if you apply for special permission from the judge and that… Read more →

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Kickboxing has seized the opportunity to cash in on the growing interest in fight sports in the UK, particularly at heavyweight, as Glorybrings its biggest star, the 6ft 5ins, 18 and a half stone Dutch heavyweight Rico Verhoeven to Birmingham on June 2. Then there’s Tyson Fury’s vaunted comeback in Manchester on Saturday June 9. There has never been a… Read more →

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This time and until further notice, it is not possible to make any payments to members in accordance with their settled account balance until the investigations have concluded, Intrade said. Intrade did not offer users the opportunity to bet on sports or stocks. Persons to buy and sell commodity options, even if they are called ‘prediction’ contracts, unless they are… Read more →

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Take for example WWI. Before the war, almost every single nation on planet Earth was aligned with one and another. Obviously globalization didn’t stop WWI, and in the end, WWI ended up being a prelude to the even bloodier WWII.Myth 2: Globalization increases world freedom: Any system that has been brought to the world through force and manipulation cannot be… Read more →