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And in his articles, essays, nonfiction, and novels, from The Right Stuff to The Bonfire of the Vanities, astronauts and fighter jocks, stock car drivers, Masters of the Universe, ostentatious modern artists, and counter culture pranksters shared their anxieties and insights with the man in the ice cream suit who wrote such gorgeous, curlicue sentences. Thursday morning in the IRT… Read more →

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The theme was UK hits, which prompted my initial panic, sparked by visions of overplayed Rolling Stones and Beatles tunes dancing in my head.But instead of beelining for the most obvious choices, a handful of crack competitors opted for (slightly) unconventional songs that they obviously connected with on an intensely emotional level. Though Creep is admittedly Radiohead’s most MOR track… Read more →

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The main reason for government intervention in the international trading system is to protect producers in domestic markets. Many countries today practice free trade, but when it comes to protecting their own markets, free trade takes a bit of a back seat. There are arrays of instruments governments can use to create barriers for foreign companies to enter their markets.… Read more →

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This new direction appeared on all 1959 General Motors production cars; you notice it especially in the rounded, more tubular surfaces of that year’s Cadillac. As for a direct design influence, the 1961 Cadillac picked up the Firebird’s rear “skegs” those stubby little fins that hung down off the bottoms of the rear fenders. In addition, the Firebird III had… Read more →