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Visitors to Tate Modern are used to wrestling with tricky names. Does Paul Klee rhyme with plea or play? Now there is a new challenge. Korean car giant Hyundai is to sponsor the gallery’s Turbine Hall from 2015 for the next 11 years, exposing modern art fans to one of the most mispronounced company names in the world. And if… Read more →

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Exercising bumper stickers to pass on your ideas, sentiments, exasperations, protestations and sense of humor has become broadly trendy. In the present scenario, you can catch a wide variety of sticky items that insist on anything you can ponder. All you need is match up with best printing company to fulfill your modern day business needs in style. Williams had… Read more →

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Another technique that allows a stop to be successful is by using the guard to block the attack. The epee guard is larger and covers the whole hand. It is semi spherical in shape and when the opponent’s blade or point hits it, it is deflected away. 1. Establish and communicate boundaries for where, when and how you will work.… Read more →

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All this stuff that we use to make ourselves look good supposedly has a byproduct effect of making us feel good, too. “The reason we hear most is, ‘I’ll continue to buy beauty because it makes me feel better about myself This driver is more pronounced in the prestige category,” Grant says. “There’s a more emotional reason than purely logical.”.… Read more →

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Little was expected of Terrell Davis when the unheralded running back from Georgia was selected in the sixth round of the NFL draft in 1995. Expectations have changed dramatically since. Davis rushed for a club record 215 yards, including a 50 yard touchdown run early in the fourth quarter, and the Denver Broncos stayed unbeaten with a 38 20 victory… Read more →

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Ah, but everything changes when you have your kid with you. Strap on that baby carrier or get behind the stroller, and you’re shielded. This adorable child you selflessly helped bring into this world is willing to vouch for you! And really, who’s going to doubt their endorsement? Suddenly, service and retail staff are friendlier, people on the street want… Read more →

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Realme 2 comes in two RAM and storage variants that are priced starting Rs. With a starting price of Rs. 8,990, the handset will be available for purchase through Flipkart. September 11th marked the worst tragedy in American history, with nearly 3,000 people losing their lives in a single act of terrorism. Americans all across the country watched in horror… Read more →