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Since the film made its debut in the cinemas, news media, social media, private conversations, fashion magazines and even classrooms have been agog with references to the film and hashtags like WakandaForever, WakandaCameToSlay, WhatWakandaMeansToMe, and more.Different people see different things in this film: some draw parallels between the vibranium wealthy nation of Wakanda and theDemocratic Republic of Congo with its… Read more →

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Nixon has found that in the context of food and fitness, people often say”don’t” because of a negative past experience. For example, if someone says he doesn’t like vegetables, it could be because eating kaleonce made him feel sick. Or if someone says she doesn’t run, it may be because she once suffered an injury from running.. One thing to… Read more →

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But even more than just business, Nike’s lawsuit seemed to suggest the designers had engineered something resembling a personal betrayal. Nike accused Dekovic of “duping” the company into paying more than $50,000 to relocate his family to Italy this summer, just weeks after the company says he began conspiring to defect. Nike lawyers also allege Dekovic “gloated to his co… Read more →

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My Flywheel indoor cycling class! No seriously, indoor cycling is the one place where you can lose yourself and leave the room completely drenched in sweat, uplifted, and worked. Squats. You not only work your legs, which house the biggest muscles on your body, but you also activate your core. A Nike air defense site consisted of two things: the… Read more →