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The construction sector tumbled in the first half thanks to higher material costs and a rising rate environment, which pushed up interest/mortgage rates. If this wasn enough, Trump steel and aluminum import tariffs have raised further apprehensions. Much like the broader market that is also battling volatility this year, the housing industry is now in a bear territory, with a… Read more →

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Trump administration’s been challenged in courtroom after courtroom in recent weeks on immigration. But along the border, it’s still policy to criminally prosecute nearly everybody who crosses illegally. KQED’s Julie Small recently spent time with a border patrol agent in San Diego. Peanut is another valuable crop in the Philippines. It is commonly seen sold in roadside stalls and in… Read more →

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From the start, this meeting didn’t go very well (via ESPN):The pitch meeting, according to Steph’s father Dell, who was present, kicked off with one Nike official accidentally addressing Stephen as “Steph on,” the moniker, of course, of Steve Urkel’s alter ego in Family Matters. “I heard some people pronounce his name wrong before,” says Dell Curry. “I wasn’t surprised.… Read more →

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Nike spokeswoman Sandra Carreon John said the company tries to “deliver differentiated, competitive pay and benefits, and support a culture in which employees feel included and empowered. This year, Nike shook up its leadership team in the wake of reports that some executives were ignoring an abusive culture. Nike brand president Trevor Edwards and Jayme Martin, Nike vice president and… Read more →

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Entah kesalahan terjadi pada siapa, coklat putih batangan yang kami lelehkan, tak berujung mulus seperti pada contoh di video. Barangkali belum terlalu lihai melelehkan coklat, tapi biasanya mulus mulus aja kalau melelehkan coklat batangan (dark coco) yang buat brownies kukus. Namun, ternyata kali ini saya harus bersabar, karena belum sukses melelehkan coklat putih. Fine. Then HP made the Sandpit forum… Read more →

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Und Steroidbenutzer enden oft mit einem neuen Problem des Selbstwertgefhles eine Atrophie der Hoden setzt in 18 Wochen ein. Whrend ihre Eier auf die Hlfte ihrer Gre zusammenschrumpfen, schieen sie schon wie Vorschulkinder einen Teelffel Sperma bei der kleinsten Berhrung raus. Man findet weibliche Benutzer, die ihre Klitoris abkleben, ohne jeglichen Grund anfangen zu weinen und sich vor Wut und… Read more →

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Instead, he saw it as a cultural moment brought on by forces greater than the university. Within academia, however, Bloom was particularly worried about students as reflections of society at large pursuing commercial interests above truth or wisdom. Describing what he saw as the insidious influence of pop music, Bloom lamented “parents’ loss of control over their children’s moral education… Read more →