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Nike Flyknit Roshe Run Size 5

LA native, Angela Mujukian is a Medical Student at St. Angela joined the Armenian American Female Physician Association to help young, premedical students and strong females like herself in the advancement of their career goals further empowering the uniting of women. Angela graduated from UCLA as an English major where she wrote for several newspapers as the Editor In Chief… Read more →

Nike Flyknit Roshe Run 42

It’s not the groundbreaking shoe of the century despite the intense marketing hype, but it’s certainly a contender for serious runners. The HOVR cushioning will benefit you on your uptempo efforts and be forgiving during those long hauls (with less of that “pop” experience). It’s versatile. Why else would you be reading this? Fair enough. Everyone has asked you this… Read more →

Nike Roshe Flyknit 44.5

“Portland’s overall minimum wage beginning January 1st will be higher [at $10.10] than places like Boston and New York City no matter what,” the group said on its website. “In large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington, DC an increase to $15 may make sense, but Portland’s economy can’t support it. That’s why we’re asking voters to vote… Read more →