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And yet there was more. Chelsea have mounted the most impoverished title defence in league history but roused themselves in an incredibly brutal encounter with the vital equalising goal scored by Eden Hazard, who has epitomised the poverty of it all this campaign as he has slid from being player of the year to a struggling, confidence shredded substitute. And… Read more →

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In 1 Peter 5:1, Peter did not use an exalted title. He could have allowed himself to be called, ‘Bishop,’ ‘Chief Elder,’ ‘Senior Pastor’ or some other name of distinction, but he understood the principles of the Kingdom of God. He was not seeking after a great opportunity with a salary and benefits, but chose to acknowledge himself as a… Read more →

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Molti poeti del XVIII secolo celebrarono il tema in questione nei “Salons” letterari. L’abb de Lattaignant (1697 1779) scrisse canzoni liriche, come Le serin e Charmans oiseaux de ce riant bocage. Il libro Le jardin d’amour Cythre elabora la metafora di un cacciatore nell’atto di catturare gli uccelli, che fa capire ad un “galant” come conquistare una donna.. Verdict:Don’t let… Read more →