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Lowe Lintas and Partners has won a Silver Lion in the Film category for its touching film for Unilever’s soap brand Lifebuoy. The work was entered by Lowe and Partners London and is not technically an Indian win but has been created by our very own Amer Jaleel (national creative director, Lowe India) and team, and has been directed by Chrome Pictures’ Amit Sharma. The winning ‘Help a child reach five’ film addresses the issue of diarrhoea related deaths in Indian villages that can be prevented by regular hand washing..

Mr. WESSEL: Well, that’s a great question, Renee. You know, you can see the politicians (unintelligible) around, trying to figure out what to do. I also have a shoe line that’s going to be coming out in Spring 2011. And I wrote a book, The Trump Card, which was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. So there are things I’m doing to create my own identity, but all of it goes back to serving the Trump brand and reinforcing our message of quality and luxury.

He made less visible sacrifices too: his agent says that when he goes out in Seoul, he wears a cap and a surgical mask worn here when people are sick avoid being mobbed by fans. These are minor costs, though. Want to play football until my body says, can run any more, you dead, he says.

In our story we’ve highlighted how Ford has turned 5 million plastic bottles into the fabric for the seats in the popular F 150 truck. It didn’t happen overnight. And it didn’t happen alone. That would definitely be an added benefit of doing this review. Also, if you’re willing to invest nearly $30 to $40 dollars to get stronger, I would suggest purchasing this product. However, be warned that you may become bored with using it.

Sabarish Levan, 21, a final year student at Sri Chitira Thirnal College of Engineering (SCT), says: “Of course there are places like Caf Coffee Day and Ambrosia to sit and have a nice time with friends, but we can’t really go there every day. It’s too expensive. We’d prefer the museum tea shop any day.

Spurs had stood like statues and, incredibly, were undone again. A defence that had seemed so secure was carved open as Davinson Sanchez was sucked in and Higuain turned and slid a pass through to Dybala. For some reason, Trippier had failed to track the run and desperately appealed for offside, but Dybala continued on before unerringly lifting his left footed shot smartly beyond Lloris..

It was a horrendous experience.went down for the Goulburn football club. They got a lot of good people down there. He is even predicting them Bronte, at his place before we go on the trip, and he orders his lunch. 1860s were a change for coats as they became shorted for and top hats became extremely popular. 1870s were the years for the three piece suits and patterned shirts were highly acclaimed where coats became even shorter. 1880s was the rise of the tuxedo and the Norfolk jacket made of tweed.

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