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The Fields of Life Stormont fun runthat took place this year on June 3rd, is an annual 5k and 10k race organised by the Fields of Lifecharity that works in East Africa, trying to improve people’s lives with educational, water and enterprise projects. All funds raised from the 2017 race will go towards helping give clean water to the refugees that have fled South Sudan into Uganda and live in tragic conditions. The race takes part in the Stormont Estate in East Belfast, the home for Parliament Buildings where the Northern Ireland Assembly seats.

We spent like 1 hour probably in the boutique waiting for Alann to pick out his choice, i went upstairs to search for the compression top (but they dont have it there, no size, no colour). So sad right? Apparently, the Nike compression gears are being sold like hot cakes! Always no stock every time i there. Or is it maybe im just suay (unlucky)? I really like Nike approach to their design on their sports apparels.

We started training at a local athletics facility about 10 minutes down the road from the athlete village, we were very surprised that not only did we have a private facility but we shot the first four days here in London indoors! This was a HUGE advantage that was absolutely an asset to the entire performance of the team. All of our competitors had to train those first days here out in the sub 70 degree temps and rain. We were able to combat our jet lag in a controlled environment allowing us to shoot great from the get go which prevented that first couple of day self doubt which usually happens from jet lag..

Another mystery was a peculiar sound we could both hear clearly but were unable to say which direction it was coming from for sure. Dennis said it reminded him of the bells of herd of goats. Was that what it was? The ghosts of a herd of goats and some Guanche shepherd perhaps? The ravine was used by the Guanches who lived in the area long ago..

Wants to share his knowledge about consumer electronics. They range in both topic and subject matter, from tax advice to gardening tips to finding the best automobile to rent. She has led teams. Okay, now for the mature ones let discuss Black Panther, keep in mind this is my review and analysis (yes its gonna be long asf) after watching the movie a second time. Here is why I believe you should watch it a second and third time: the messaging, symbolism, representation and African focus. I break down each one in detail with specific examples.

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