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At Ogilvy Delhi, when we were looking for a brand ambassador for Grasim, Akshay Kumar fit the bill to an A. We wanted someone who would have appeal across segments, was extremely stylish and could be a great hanger. No one could have fit into the “self made” idea better because most of them have film backgrounds or were born with stainless steel spoons in their mouth..

For the record, nobody suggest trading Dame for some 1st round pick that “maybe, one day, if your lucky” hyperbole nonsense you attempting to vomit to justify the narrative. I simply suggesting CHANGE of some kind. The fuck is wrong with you?I mean if you just going to address things I not saying then you can keep having an argument with yourself but I don see the point in me being here lolI mean, a team that was swept in the first round of the playoffs does absolutely nothing to improve their roster and your like “lol watevs mate u demand better lol”.Yeah fuck those other 1000 words I wrote.

METZLER: It’s not entirely correct. For those who had automatic weapons prior to the ban, which happened in 1986, they’re still allowed to have those as long as they’re registered with the federal government. Those same weapons, prior to 1986 that are registered with the federal government, are also allowed to be bought and sold if you jump through some hoops..

Meditation: My daily morning ritual includes doing a session of focused breathing for at least 7 minutes. This breathing meditation reduces stress, calms my mind, and puts me in an optimal mood to start hustling for the day. Harvard Medical School professor Dr.

Along the way, he watches as other kids walk in the opposite direction toward school. He reaches the fields at sunrise and uses his machete to slice ripe cocoa pods from the tree. Later, he carries the cocoa pods he’s harvested from the field, hacks them open and gathers the beans, which will later be used to make chocolate..

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After a couple of switchbacks, it was another bridge to tackle the Sai Van Bridge back to Taipa. This climb was gentler but longer, and the entire bridge was closed to us runners. By the time I got back to the vicinity of Galaxy Casino (20K mark), I had to make a call.

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