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There is a certain sense in an explosive contraction phase for specialized athletes, but with most beginners such an attempt results in jerking the weight upwards and letting it fall in the extension phase. While these repetitions might look good on your workout schedule, they simply get you nowhere. If you follow the HIT program, you probably use a 4/2/4 system, but for beginners, the contraction should take 2 seconds and the extension 3 seconds.

Today, although computers and other technologies have replaced them in practical astronomical and maritime applications, astrolabes continue to fascinate technophiles, science historians and amateur sky watchers. Many educators use the tool in their classrooms to teach about the celestial sphere and how to plot and predict a variety of astronomical phenomena, including sunrises/sunsets, moonrises/moonsets, star transits, retrograde motions and much more. Even people who can’t tell a comet from a cupid appreciate astrolabes for their exquisite craftsmanship and beauty, and it’s not unusual for art collectors and antique dealers to pay thousands of dollars for a fine specimen dating back to the 18th century or earlier..

While the campaign is largely led by television, it is supported by targeted outdoor, cinema and digital media. In outdoor, the bank says it has an “impactful property” in T3 of Delhi airport where it has 168 sites. In fact, the bank has invested extensively in outdoor properties in the Mumbai Delhi corridor since people commuting between the two cities form an important target group for the bank..

Despite my discomfort, I’m glad I received my vaccination. I live in a college dorm, surrounded by the 18 to 24 year old age group most likely to be affected by this strain of influenza. I use public transportation, I shop in crowded grocery stores and I am constantly interacting with other people.

Finally, you’ve heard about dressing for success? Now we bring you dressing for condemnation. Code Switch’s Adrian Florido brought us this terrific story about the revival of Louis Valdez’ classic play Zoot Suit. Adrian’s post connects anti immigrant sentiment during World War II and the Islamophobia (even against people suspected of being Muslim) so apparent today.

He tried to open the door from outside but it seemed to be stuck. Then he told me, he needed additional help to cut the door lock. So I continued to wait inside the bath room with a hope of some one would come and let me out soon so I could attend the class that day.

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