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‘My cousin’s wife groomed me for sex when I was aged 13 why will no one lock her up?’Police arrested Amber Hales for sexual activity with a child after her alleged victim Joshua Jeffrey complained to them last yearA mum who had a baby by her partner’s schoolboy cousin has escaped trial because prosecutors ruled a court case was not in the public interest.Police arrested Amber Hales for sexual activity with a child after her alleged victim Joshua Jeffrey complained to them last year.He told officers she groomed him for sex behind her boyfriend Andrew Jeffrey’s back after he moved in with them aged 13 seven years ago.Joshua claims Hales took him into her bed after forcing his unsuspecting older cousin out of the house but 18 months later she showed Joshua the door too when she found she was expecting his child.In an astonishing twist, Hales, now 29, then successfully begged Andrew the father of her two youngdaughters to take her back.He claims she told him her was the result of a one night stand with a stranger and he accepted it.For years Joshua who had no idea he was the dad of her third daughter kept what happened with Hales to himself.Then he heard she and Andrew had split again after having a fourth baby girl and feared Hales would be alone with the children.Joshua, now 21, says: “I heard Amber was trying to get the kids to live with her and something just clickedinside me.”At that point I had to speak out. I had kept it bottled up for a long time but I had to do it. I felt disgusted about the fact I let her do that to me.”But I am grown up now and I owed it to those kids to let someone know what she did to me.”But Joshua’s biggest shock came after plucking up the courage to tell the police.He says: “I didn’t even know I was a dad until they did a DNA test on the baby Amber was pregnant with when we split.”It’s a nightmare unfolding for me, Andrew and the whole family.”I went off the rails after the abuse and have been in trouble for petty crime.

When Amaris was three years old, her parents would sometimes find her lying on the floor, face up and stiff, the muscles in her body clenched all at once. Her eyes would be wide open and focused to one side; her face would be red from holding her breath. Then, after a few minutes, she’d get up and continue playing as if nothing had happened..

Replacing your bag because of a botched do it yourself experiment will cost much more. On the official Coach website it gives you instructions on how to clean the different types of bags. Although the site gives really great information, it can be a bit hard to find so I brought it all here for you.

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